Kilchrist Castle Cottages

There are lots of jokes about Scottish weather and some of them are at least partly true! It can be wet and windy in Kintyre at times, so come prepared. But did you know that the West of Scotland is mild due to the Gulf Stream? There are even palm trees growing in Campbeltown! That is because frosts are rare.

In May 08, some Australian friends staying at Kilchrist were heard to say, 'It's too hot!'
So you may be in for a pleasant surprise, but be prepared for anything. To see the Kintyre hills emerge from a mist is beautiful, to see the sunset over the Atlantic on a fine evening awe-inspiring!
2022-01-23 7°C
2022-01-24 9°C
2022-01-25 8°C
2022-01-26 9°C
2022-01-27 9°C
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